Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize

Awarded annually to a B.C. or Yukon author for the best work of fiction.

34 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Dear Evelyn Book - 2018 Biblioasis PAG
Sodom Road Exit Book - 2018 Arsenal Pulp Press DAW
That Tiny Life Book - 2018 Astoria LPLW FIS
Trickster Drift Book - 2018 Alfred A. Knopf Canada LPLW ROB
We All Need to Eat Book
Brother Book - 2017 McClelland & Stewart LPLW CHA
Everything Is Awful and You're A Terrible Person Book - 2017 Arsenal Pulp Press ZOM
Next Year, for Sure
A Novel
Book - 2017 Doubleday Canada LPLW PET
Son of A Trickster Book - 2017 Alfred A. Knopf Canada ROB
What We Once Believed Book - 2017 Caitlin Press LPLW MAC
Niagara Motel Book
The Conjoined
A Novel
Book - 2016 ECW Press LEE
The Dancehall Years Book
The Heaviness of Things That Float Book - 2016 Douglas & McIntyre MAN
The Parcel Book - 2016 Alfred A. Knopf Canada IRA
All True Not A Lie in It Book - 2015 Alfred A. Knopf Canada HAW
Amity Book
The Hunter and the Wild Girl Book - 2015 Goose Lane Editions HOL
Martin John Book - 2015 Biblioasis SCH
Book - 2015 House of Anansi Press KOV
The World Before Us Book - 2014 Doubleday Canada HUN
Anatomy of a girl gang Book
The World Book - 2012 Penguin Canada GAS
Half-blood Blues Book - 2011 Thomas Allen EDU
Everything Was Good-bye
A Novel
Book - 2011 Mother Tongue BAS
Having faith in the Polar girls' prison Book
The Man Game Book - 2008 Viking Canada HEN
A Novel
Book - 2007 Doubleday Canada NOV
Home Schooling
Book - 2006 Cormorant Books WIN
Ladykiller Book
Beyond measure Book
Sitting Practice Book - 2003 Thomas Allen Publishers ADD
A Novel
Book - 2002 Random House Canada SHI
Simple Recipes eBook - 2016
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