Golden Prey

Golden Prey

Book - 2017
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Nov 20, 2018

Another good Prey novel, chase scene at the end maybe a little too drawn out . . . I'm still a fan.

Sep 14, 2018

This was quite readable, if not thoroughly satisfying. I find Sandford a step up from, say, Margolin.

May 09, 2018

This was a good read. It wasn’t spellbinding but it did keep your interest.

Aug 11, 2017

Sandford may be getting out of his comfort zone with our hero wandering around the whole country as a Marshal. Sandford really knows Muskie Land, I am not to sure he has a handle on the Big Bend country and Marfa. He best tread very carefully in Texas Ranger country.

Jul 23, 2017

What can I say I really like these Lucas Davenport novels.

Jul 19, 2017

Another very good read from John Sandford. It lacked a lot of the witty repartee and politically incorrectness of previous novels. Time to bring back another book about that f........ Virgil Flowers!

Jun 05, 2017

Another great read by one of my favorite novelists. I look forward to his next one. He is a
talented story teller.

May 30, 2017

Sanford's novels have been hit and miss of late. Loved his early books as "Invisible Prey 2007" and really loved "Saturn Run 2015." But not "Shock Wave 2011" or "Bad Blood 2010" primarily because of readers were force fed "new clues" that kept on coming; must be franchise fatigue. Another avid reader told me about this latest that Lucas has a new job as a US Marshall and I should read it. Well, agree with him that it is a very good read, that there were more colorful characters and Lucas detected instead of having clues hitting him between the eyes. Last, liked who got to live or die at the end. Best quote, off the wall but so true: Who in God’s name was the first guy to stick an okra in his mouth? Must have been a brave man, or starving to death . . . (More in "Quotes")

lindab1111 May 18, 2017

This is the 27th title in the Prey series with Lucas Davenport as a US Marshall. A great thriller with rich characters, twisting plot and even sprinkles of humor. Very well written which is why John Sandford is such a well respected author.

athompson10 May 14, 2017

After a couple of "Prey" books that felt like the author was treading water, this is back to a better-plotted, fast-moving Davenport with a new cast of characters now that he has moved to the marshal's office. Fast, exciting, entertaining.

May 14, 2017

Love this book-definitely think it's one of the better Lucas Davenport books. My only complaint is the tag line about Virgil Flowers that I have come to expect was missing! Those of you who read these books know the line I am talking about in reference to Virgil. :-)

May 08, 2017

Regular great read from John Sandford's PREY series. New job for Davenport as a US Marshall - and that add some interesting twists as he is not only chasing the bad guys, but is making adjustments to his new job. I like John Sandford's books generally (like the VIRGIL FLOWERS series the best, though) - all great reads. If you are a first-timer reading Sandford, you should be aware that his books can be just a little raw when it comes to violent crime scene descriptions.

Apr 29, 2017

Near the highest in the Davenport series and back to the author's best form. Entertaining repartee. [Interesting that in this fictional universe the criminals have far greater loyalty than one ever comes across in the typical American criminal corporation?]
It is highly curious why someone is now flagging me all the time, and the fact that they have only recently signed on to bibliocommons and have one book on their Oregonian shelf???

Mar 07, 2017

This has all the ingredients we've come to expect but Lucas Davenport is now a US marshall. He's not the big fish anymore & by changing his situation the author has blown some fresh air into this long running series.
He's a master of pacing & the story clips right along while introducing a whack of new characters. Instead of Jenkins & Shrake, there's Bob & Rae as new sidekicks providing back-up as they hunt all over the southern states for the "Dixie Hicks", a couple of drug-money-stealing killers.
It's a fast paced, entertaining read that will appeal to fans of previous books.

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