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Jan 08, 2021

I was really surprised. This film is sci-fi but got my attention in so many ways. SPOILER ALERT!

First, Michelle Pfeiffer does a role as a clutching, greedy old witch -- literally. She really makes it sell. Second, Henry Cavill apparently let them bleach his hair blonde for a tiny role. He plays Humphrey, yes, I actually said Humphrey! He is SO hard to recognize that a YouTuber said, "OMG. I love this film and I've seen it about 58 times and never realized that was Henry Cavill." She's right.
Good morals and hilarious quickly as Robert DeNiro plays a pirate captain/ cross dresser!! The final moments of the film at the wedding deserve a rewind to watch Henry's subtle response and "his wife's" recognition of the meaning of their "moment"!!

Dec 12, 2019

Such an exceptional movie!!! This is definitely one of my all time favourites. The story is great, the characters are pretty cool, and one of the most amazing movie scores I've ever heard!

Oct 27, 2019

If you are into fairy tale... princes and princesses, and great Disney happy endings, this is it. I love the movie so much i bought the DVD. And I don't usually buy dvds of any movies unless I want to watch it over and over again. Off to search for the book....

ArapahoeTina Oct 24, 2019

This movie, viewed on its own, is entertaining and enjoyable. Having just read the book, I was unhappy with this rendition as it seemed intent on rewriting every word Neil Gaiman had penned, without good reason. I'm pretty sure he's earned the right to have his dialog stand!

Dec 20, 2018

I saw this movie in the theater when it was first released. I loved every bit of it. I was however a little put off by the scene where Tristan is supposed to be riding the horse bareback and you can see his legs are sticking out instead of squeezing the horse and you can even see the stirrup straps.
The important thing to say here though; is that Captain Shakespeare is an in the closet cross-dresser. It's not clear if that means he is gay or not. He is a really great guy; kind, gentle and lovable. He believes his success as a pirate depends on his "Fearsome Reputation" so he goes to elaborate lengths to convince his crew and others that he is a monster. While his skill as a captain, pilot and sword fighter is without question; when his secret is discovered he believes his career as a pirate is ruined. His crew remain loyal to him however; and I certainly agree with them that just because one is a cross-dresser doesn't mean he can't be a fearsome pirate.

ReadJillyRead Aug 27, 2018

This is one of my favorite movies and to me holds everything I want in a movie: action, humor, magic, love, beautiful scenery, and adventure. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen this movie, I always enjoy it.

Jun 12, 2018

I liked the movie but would have enjoyed it more had I not read the book first.

Apr 07, 2018

Good Movie

Mar 20, 2018

Stardust the book is a lovely, slightly melancholy fairy tale. Stardust the movie is a romp of a lovely fairy tale. And It is one of the few films that I wholeheartedly enjoy more than the book.

Sep 27, 2017

What is up with all the 5 star reviews??!!? This movie is HARDLY ANYTHING like the book. I am usually not one to leave such a harsh review, but this was extremely disappointing as some one who fell in love with the story as it was written. This movie is a bunch of Hollywood garbage and frankly, a disgrace to the author, Neil Gaiman. None of the acting was believable in the slightest. Amazing that they spent a bunch of money just for a book to outshine all of their glitz and special effects. Please read the book and skip this movie.

Jul 14, 2017

Stardust is one of those rare book-to-film adaptations that I think got it right, so right in fact that the comparison of which I enjoyed more is a toughie. The charm and romance of the story shines through in the script and the cast is wonderful. I think I've watched this one more times than I can count.

Library_Jill Jul 13, 2017

A charming and quirky fantasy adventure based on the original fairy tale by Neil Gaiman about a race to find and keep a fallen star. Fans of "The Princess Bride" may enjoy this story with its blend of fantasy, humor, and a light romance. Readers may enjoy the book better for its added context, but the movie stand sufficiently on its own for those unfamiliar with the story as well.

Contains some brief strong immoral content. It was very funny and very enjoyable too. Worth a watch.

I love the original book version because it's really fast-paced and addicting, and I got lost in time to the adventures and wonders of what the kingdom of Stromhold and the Wall villa in England was like. Such a true classic! Can't put it down... but what happened a few months later when I saw the movie?

The movie takes away some parts from the original and therefore made it look very boring most of the time. The timing is slow-paced like it could drag on for around a few minutes each, the acting was alright, the special effects were sometimes dated, yet I wonder if there's going to be a cartoon mini-series based more on the book in around one decade from now. I hope it will be successful.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie more than the book, but I probably did the other way around. The plot idea for the movie is just the same as the book, but the execution from book to movie... meh. If I watched it at age eleven for the first time, I would've found it more entertaining the same way as the Eragon film and Ella Enchanted. Let alone the means of fantasy...

If you read the Grimm and Andersen stories and other everything quality-fantasy-related like I did, you should read Stardust first before you see the movie. I highly recommend it for those of you who love fairy tales and fantasy.

daniellevk_0 Jan 29, 2017

This movie is very well done. The story line and plot have been beautifully thought out. The range of characters involved in the movie are, a star, kings, witches and a sky captain. The actors did a great job pretending to be the characters. One of my favorites!

Jan 08, 2017

Neil Gaiman at his best. Lyrical and magical, Neil Gaiman really is a master. But in this rare case, the movie surpasses the book. The characters are widely varied and believable, the touches of romance are angled just right, Robert De Niro is a comedy highlight - and the plot is as compelling as it is complicated.
What will happen to the star?
Nail biting finish.

Aug 12, 2016

just love this movie excellent
hope there's a sequel

Jan 19, 2016

This movie was beyond any I have ever seen! The acting was beautiful, the plot and story-line was just mind blowing, and overall rating is 5 stars!

Dec 26, 2015

This is phenomonal. Loved it with all of my heart. So excited to read the book!

Dec 08, 2015

Cool movie, if you don't mind the witches. They lose in the end, so it's okay. Storyline and acting are very good.

Sep 26, 2015

Not a bad movie but it lacks all the magic in the book.

Jul 01, 2015

A pretty good movie. Has lots of romance and action, even if sometimes predictable.

Apr 22, 2015

This was a real surprise. Romance, adventure, and comedy perhaps not up to the bar set by The Princess Bride but I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Jan 30, 2015

The tiny English village of Wall holds a rather unusual secret. Just beyond the surrounding forest there stretches a low stone wall separating England from the magical realm of Stormhold, and a small closely guarded breach in that wall provides the only gateway between the two worlds. When English teenager Tristan Thorn observes a falling star landing just beyond the wall he decides to enter Stormhold in order to procure it and thus impress Victoria, the aloof object of his adolescent infatuation. But he is not the only one searching for the celestial object—now transformed into a sparkly Claire Danes—for a trio of evil sorceresses want to eat her heart which has the power to grant immortality and a quartet of ruthless princes need the enchanted jewel she wears around her neck before they can lay claim to the throne of Stormhold left vacant by their recently deceased father. Luckily Tristan finds the somewhat argumentative twinkler first and although the two share an initial animosity a series of close calls and deadly encounters, including a brief sojourn aboard a flying pirate ship, will turn their hostilities into something completely expected for anyone who grew up reading fairy tales…especially after Tristan’s unique pedigree is revealed. Based on Neil Gaiman’s book, Matthew Vaughn’s swashbuckling fantasy succeeds for the most part despite Robert De Niro being horribly miscast as a sissy pirate captain—egads! To be fair though Ricky Gervais’ hilariously improvised turn as a crooked shopkeeper more than makes up for it. The swords and sorcery special effects are nothing new, we’ve seen them in countless other forays into the genre, but they are played out with such zeal it’s like having a storybook come to life with an airborne galleon sailing through a thunderstorm and a wicked Michelle Pfeiffer in hag drag shooting green lightning out of her fingertips. Definitely not for the kiddies—animals are gutted and throats are slit while a chorus of disfigured spirits keeps score—but if you like a little meat to go with your "Hocus Pocus" and "Princess Bride" you could do worse.

Jan 04, 2015

One of my favourite movies. Just super fun and full of adventure. It has magic, swordplay, good vs evil, and a lot of laughs. Really is a romp, watch and have fun.

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