Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers

Book - 2018
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May 07, 2019

I liked this book...good characters,really different plot with several twists. I thought it was a satirical view of what "therapy" is and who are the "professionals " who give the therapy. An entertaining read.

May 05, 2019

I was with her throughout most of the book but I hated the weird turn it took near the end, and the ending is atrocious. It's a breezy read, though.

Apr 25, 2019

Was really into the book, thought there was a good "story" behind it...didn't care for the end!

Apr 19, 2019

Read in audio format/CD. It's a hoot! It kind of reminded me of a Carl Hiassen story except instead of the swamps of Florida, it's in the barrens of north Australia, except with a beach view. Strangers get to know each other at a retreat as nefarious things are imposed on them by the spa-owner-and-minions. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a late 2018 best-selling non-fiction bestselling author twist, which I'm not revealing because it was fun to guess and be surprised.

Apr 17, 2019

No longer needed.

Apr 11, 2019

Disappointed. Long and boring.

Apr 08, 2019

I found Moriarty’s latest book disappointing. It didn’t cause the “I must know Now!” reaction I had with her other books. It was tepid and I was disappointed in the plot, although some of the characters were endearing.

Apr 05, 2019

I got to a point in the story that took a very nasty twist and did not read beyond that. Disappointed in the story.

Apr 02, 2019

Nine people sign up for (much more than they bargained for) a spiritual/emotional/physical retreat in an idyllic setting. What they're ultimately faced with is something only slightly off-centre that rapidly becomes much weirder than anyone could have expected. How they cope with their 'retreat' and the woman heading it is the crux of the story. An Australian writer who is excellent at depicting a variety of personalities with a lot of humor and compassion, this is an excellent quick read that's hard to put down.

Mar 23, 2019

Well if I could give this book a higher rating than 5 stars I would. Great story, great characters, humourous and touching. And the reader, who is not the author, made it even better. She was perfect!

Mar 06, 2019

I chose the audio book format for "Nine Perfect Strangers". It wouldn't be fair for me to put a star rating, as I listened to very little of this book.
Why do people who know how to write, think that they know how to read professionally? I am pretty sure that the author read her own book, and she is no reader. Each word is almost separated by a pause, almost like a kid who is learning how to read, the cadence is very staccato. And her very strong Australian accent, makes listening and sometimes deciphering a strain on the ears. Please give your novels a chance and hire a professional reader to make the most of your books next time Ms. Moriarty.

LVCCLD_LeahNOTLeia Mar 04, 2019

Australia! The noble silence.

Feb 24, 2019

Sooo long and draggy. Could hardly believe it was the same author whose books are usually captivating. Started skimming halfway through so I could just get to the end to find out what happened to the characters but it was a slog.

Feb 22, 2019

Very disappointing from this normally good author. It was predictable and very boring. Hope her next book rates up to her ability.

Feb 19, 2019

In my opinion, this is just ok. Not near as good as any of her other books. Really drags in many places. The main character was not very likeable.

Feb 13, 2019

Guaranteed to make you want to stay up all night and read. 9 people go to a health resort and you get to go inside the reasons why. Be ready for some surprises as the retreat takes several unexpected twists and turns. Sure to be a fun movie.

Feb 09, 2019

I really enjoyed this offbeat and quirky story. Draggy in a few spots but otherwise an enjoyable read by a consistently good author.

Feb 09, 2019

I loved this book. The story was unusual and intriguing . I just couldn’t put it down and practically read it in one sitting.

_McGeek_ Jan 28, 2019

A quick fun read, I'd describe it as a comedy. I know she wrote the main character based off of herself and she was pretty hilarious. Not really comparable to Big Little Lies or The Husband's Secret (both of which I really enjoyed), but it was fun, easy, quick and entertaining.

Jan 28, 2019

A fun, quick read. Can be finished easily in a day. Some of the characters' actions may seem unbelievable, but hey! It's fiction. Though nothing extraordinary, the story was very entertaining. I found myself laughing aloud multiple times and also crying a bit at one point. The outlandishness makes you want to turn the page, see where it's all going and what's going to happen.

Jan 25, 2019

I agree with another reviewer in that after seeing the one and two star reviews I started this book with fairly low expectations. I also remembered that with other books by this author, it took me a while to get into them. Neither of these was my experience with this book. I loved it and loved it from the start. Part of it is the appeal of the main character, Frances. She's a riot. Frances and eight other Aussies gather at a spa to lose weight, exercise, meditate and other things to change or reset their lives. What they get is way beyond expectations. I found this a very fun ride and would recommend it highly.

Jan 22, 2019

If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be 'different.' A motley crew of nine strangers - a family of three, a couple, and four singles meet at a retreat which to say the least is unique. The 'guests' have to be silent for five days, yes totally silent, and are subjected to various cleansing rituals. They are constantly told that at the end of the ten day cleanse they will be transformed. Since this is the goal of each guest, they follow the instructions meekly until things take a bizarre turn. We learn the stories behind each guest and what led them to this place while learning about the founder and her staff. Not a bad read but tended to get rather tedious by the end.

Martha C Benner
Jan 14, 2019

Read about 1/4 of the book then took a nap as it was boring. Did not finish it.

Jan 13, 2019

Usually like her books. Just could not get in to it at all. Could not even finish, which is rare for me.

Jan 13, 2019

Started off asa great read, I was so engrossed, then it took a turn and was all downhill from there. Very disappointing.

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