Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

A Limited Event Series

DVD - 2017
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Picks up 25 years after the inhabitants of a quaint northwestern town are stunned when their homecoming queen is murdered.


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Dec 09, 2018

Masterpiece television. I couldn't wait for the next episode to arrive. I don't know the last time I loved television this much. I've watched the whole 18 episodes again, and it was even better the second time around.

Oct 20, 2018

Mere words can not express how bad this sequel series is.
Half of me thinks that David Lynch may be one of the greatest artistic con men of all time (alongside Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol) who has been able to convince the pretentious and fringe-of-society types that his works contain a deeper meaning; the other half more simply thinks that he is, hands down, the worst writer/director of all time.
Most of the cast is filled out with actors that are so bad that you will never, ever see them in any other films. The remaining, well-known actors must have been directed, at Lynch's behest, to act as poorly as the first group.
Timing is off; long awkward pauses; scenes that go on for seconds to minutes past when they should have ended; loads of filler material; loads of unfunny dialog and situations; loads of characters who seem to be either high or retarded; weirdness for the sake of weirdness; terrible dream sequences and special effects; the need to bring back every single character from the original show (save for those who turned it down or mercifully died); and, of course, the completely idiotic backwards talking with subtitles. It's all enough to make a sane person scream.
TOTAL RUBBISH from the very first second of the first episode to the very final second of the final episode.

Oct 08, 2018

I've been an admirer of David Lynch. I enjoyed the original Twin Peaks, and I own dvd's of Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Wild at Heart, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and The Straight Story.

This "limited event series" (if only responsible editing made it more so) actually spends very little time in Twin Peaks, and feels like Lynch has taken advantage of the original's popularity by using it as a simple money-grab 25 years later: the well appears to have run dry of genuine full-feature inspiration, as he's only done short subjects in the last 12 years since 2006's unsuccessful Inland Empire.

And the Emperor has no clothes here; more interesting than this tapping into the past is the mass delusion of those hyperventilating over Lynch's supposed psychological underpinnings, hidden metaphors, and deep symbols here, by extension basking in their own superior cleverness, while actually choking down a shamelessly protracted exercise of self-indulgence, along with terrible pacing and structure, unsympathetic cardboard characters, drawn-out barely endurable scenes screaming for editing, plot lines that go nowhere, and endless filler filler filler. It is forced, charmless, and with much bad acting even within the context of Lynch's stylized universe. With a Showtime budget, Lynch fully indulges in look-at-me faux stream of consciousness with enhanced graphics, some of it very unpleasant at that, apparently counting on an audience out there to clasp their hands enthrallingly and swallow Agent Cooper's EVIL TWIN (okay, "doppelganger" as his Jungian shadow side, ooooh see? We all have a dark side!), as well as other dimensions, entities, UFO's, nuclear explosions, and other Lynchian grab-baggery wrapped up in Laura Palmer's murder 25 years prior, and not recognize a simple waste of film from what has been a generally successful innovative filmmaker. Only Bigfoot was missing. The effort here resembles a well-funded experimental film school project trying too hard to impress, and which would have never expanded to a wider public audience preening about the artistic genius and grand vision behind it. It's sort of an X-Files salad taken to excruciating lengths.

And one small giveaway of his indulgence is casting himself in the major role of FBI director, to no applause. I imagine that additional credit helped pad his paycheck.
If you're anticipating being tickled cute by coffee and cherry pie references, that doesn't come to full fruition until briefly late in the series, and you'll be sorely disappointed if you're waiting to hear Laura Palmer's touching theme regularly swelling to gratifying emotional mini-peaks each episode. But what you will hear and see filling up the end of almost every episode prior to the credits is more inexplicably stupid filler: impossibly cool indie-electronic synthpop bands playing in a rural country road house filled with middle-aged townies. Seriously.

The first several episodes were tolerable with some interesting elements but most went nowhere I could discern. Giving it the benefit of increasing doubt while waiting to see where all was leading, my patience wore thinner and thinner as the terribleness was becoming more apparent, then episode 8 on disc 4 "Gotta Light?" really crossed the Rubicon. Don't say you weren't warned.

Mar 17, 2018

David ducovney i m speaking more as a woman now

ArapahoeJeremiah Feb 24, 2018

This series will appeal to people who have watched and enjoyed the original Twin Peaks series. It's fascinating to see most of the original cast revive their roles (25 years later). All the episodes are co-written and directed by Lynch - who provides his usual mixture of mystery, comedy, and horror.

SPPL_jcl Feb 20, 2018

The mystery of "Twin Peaks" deepens. And while it would have been the easiest thing in the world to just reprise the previous two seasons from 25+ years ago, the third season takes us in (many) unexpected directions. Familiar favorites return, but there is barely a whiff of nostalgia here, which makes the series feel all the more like these characters have been out there living their lives since last we saw them. Meanwhile, a huge new cast spread is brought in to the picture.

Kyle MacLachlan deserves an Emmy for his performance as Dale Cooper (and "Mr. C" and Dougie) and David Lynch deserves all sorts of awards for making something so strange feel so familiar, yet intense and emotional. Bonus points for the musical performances that end most episodes and give the viewer time to reflect and surface back to the real world, while also capturing the feel of the story and sometimes even advancing it.

Jan 31, 2018

Twin Peaks is an epic milestone for television. The passionate fans of the series even hold an annual event in North Bend to commemorate the series. Certain people even have a decal of the Owl Cave symbol on their vehicle (spoiler alert: it's me.) Some of the cast (okay, A LOT of the cast) had passed away in the 25 years since the original series, I was worried that the absence of some of my favorite characters (Pete!) would feel like there was something missing., but with the majority of the cast returning, and the addition of several new weirdos, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed everything The Return presented. (Although I am still heartbroken the Bowie couldn't revise his role of Phillip Jeffries.) This is absolutely not a series that will appeal to the average viewer, those who are familiar with David Lynch and his body (or disembodied, as the series shows) of work will not be left unfulfilled. While there might not be a fish in the percolator, the owls, still, are not what they seem.

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