Take Spies Like Us and any good James Bond movie, mix with the Marx Brothers - shaken not stirred, of course! -- and you have Pineapple Grenade. This zany thriller is set in Miami, Florida, as two experienced operatives, Serge and his sidekick, Coleman, stumble upon an assassination plot, combined with an arms deal and drug trafficking.

Serge and Coleman do their best to infiltrate the opposition, encountering double agents and ne-er do wells on both sides of the fence. Serge even finds romance with the stunningly lovely Felicia Carmen. As the killing noose tightens around President Guzman’s neck, Serge, Coleman and Felicia race to stop a deadly sniper who could end the man’s life. Will they be able to get there in time? What incredible secrets will be revealed in the chase?

Although the beginning of this novel was rather like a merry jigsaw puzzle of clues, soon the pieces began to take shape into a horrific plot. This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I really enjoyed Serge and Coleman’s ideas of dispensing “justice” and the mega twists and turns in the story itself. Well done.

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