Origin A Novel By Brown, Dan Book - 2017

Brown's premise earned a side eye from me in the opening of the book. He essentially promises us answers to two of life's basic questions that will be shocking, revelatory, and that will make religion obsolete. That is a tall order, and as much as I enjoy Brown's fun and incredible quests and his ever-engaging hero, Robert Langdon, I couldn't see how Brown could deliver. And he doesn't, really. The answers, when they are finally revealed, are pat and expected. But don't let that scare you away from a story that is full of twists and turns and employs Brown's usual puzzles, codes, encryptions, and thinking games. If nothing else, read the book for the rich visual descriptions of Barcelona, the Spanish royal residences, and the incredible otherworldly architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

NOTE: Don't continue reading if you have yet to read the book. Did anyone else catch the discrepancy between the presentation given to the 3 clerics and the one given to the public? It was not explained anywhere, unless we were to understand that the change in endings was part of the machinations of Winston.

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