Origin A Novel By Brown, Dan Book - 2017

Origin is Dan Brown's latest book. It covers the tricky subject of religion and creationism while maintaining the action, suspense, and fascinating plot that Brown is known for. Dan Brown is one of my favorite authors, and I wasn't let down by Origin. It follows Brown's famous symbologist, Robert Langdon, in the aftermath of one of his mentees and close friend's (Edmond Kirsch) murder, just before that friend announced something earth-shattering. He goes searching for the culprit with curator of the museum that Kirsch was shot at, Ambra Vidal, who just so happened to be the prince of Spain's fiancee. The story is full of twists and turns and will leave you wanting more, not being able to sleep with anticipation. I can't find anything wrong with it. I give it a perfect 5/5.
- @ɹǝʇsɐɯʞooq of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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