Perfect day? A comfortable chair, a good reading light, 2 or 3 crisp red apples, and a brand new Baldacci novel to read. Great or not-so-great, his books are always enjoyable. This book, while it isn't one of his better titles, is still a fun read. Robie and Reel are like video characters he brings to life - incredibly strong, powerful, lucky, fearless, etc. I don't think Baldacci means us to take these characters too seriously.

I will be surprised if this wasn't the final book in the Robie and Reel series. The book's title, while it relates to the preppers, can also serve as a conclusion to the series. Blue Man seems ready to retire and spend his days trying to win back the heart of his only true love, Robie and Reel appear to be walking off into the sunset, hand in hand. Sounds like all is wrapped up and tied with a bow. Baldacci didn't slam the door on this series, but it is hard to ignore all the hints that it may be over.

And by the way, I have family in northeastern Colorado and I can assure you that the area is NOT crawling with splinter groups and drug entrepreneurs. ;-)

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