Star Wars
Star Wars Aphra. Vol. 1 : Doctor Aphra By Gillen, Kieron Book - 2017

If you haven't followed the character of Doc Aphra through her Vader adventures, you might as well start here. It's as if that stuff hardly happened. This was a great comic-- aside from her first appearance in Marvel's Vader it's some of my favorite stuff to come out of post-Mouse Star Wars. Doctor Aphra is a female, evil version of Indiana Jones in the Star Wars universe, who steals ancient weapons from museums "because that belongs in an arsenal". She had a kind of masochistic relationship with Marvels' "murder machine" Vader that ended with her getting choked out, airlocked, and otherwise left for dead more than once. Now it's refreshing to have her on her own adventures. It's best to think of this trade paperback as a Star Wars version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, complete with a Jedi heretic "Holy Grail".

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