I still think of all Patterson's co-author choices, Maxine Paetro is by far his best and The Women's Murder Club is one of the better, least worn out Patterson series although I disliked Women's Murder Club Bookshot #15.5, The Trial and I absolutely hated Bookshot #16.5, The Medical Examiner with the admission that I completely dislike Patterson's Bookshots platform. I think the Bookshots are lazy and badly written.

The 17th Suspect is vintage WMC with close friends, each with their own stories/drama, interesting police work and timely legal cases. Regarding one case in The 17th Suspect there is an obvious question both police and attorneys missed. It is glaring but I'm not given to spoilers. The women's 'get-togethers' tend to be a bit flippant regarding the cases and stories they are involved in and that's getting a bit jarring. I will say the ending came as a bit of a surprise that I believe will probably open a new and interesting chapter for The Women's Murder Club and some supporting characters.

3.5 Stars for a mid-B

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