Twisted Prey
Twisted Prey A Lucas Davenport Novel By Sandford, John Book - 2018

I like all of John Sandford's books. TWISTED PREY is his latest in the "Prey" series starring Lucas Davenport, and one of his best among so many great ones. Davenport, now a US Marshall (in case you have gotten lost among his many job shifts), finds himself embroiled in the rivalry between both US Senators from Minnesota with far reaching implications. Most of this story takes place centered in the Washington DC area, except for a brief interlude when the bad guys make a run at Davenport's wife, Weather. The plot line is awesome and well developed. The bad guys are easily identified from the beginning, which is skillfully done and doesn't distract from the story line at all. The book is a great crime read, but also surfaces the underlying national issue of power grabbing in DC, and a corresponding lack of ethical standards among those in office who seek even great power and wealth at the expense of solving the real problems our country faces. Great read. Enjoy it!

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