This is the 18th book in the excellent series about Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. You may not think that a game warden leads a very interesting life, but Joe Pickett certainly does! In Wyoming, at least, game wardens are part of law enforcement, and Joe often gets involved in criminal investigations that go far beyond the scope of usual game warden duties. Every book has a compelling plot, and the characters are well developed.

The primary plot of this book seems to be about a British woman executive who came to a posh dude ranch in WY and then mysteriously disappeared on the way to the Denver airport to return home. Is her disappearance involuntary? Or did she just decide she could not go back?

But other people in the book are “disappeared” as well, with no obvious explanation.

One of the best reasons to read this particular book is to have a better understanding of “wind farms” and their true impact on the environment. Spoiler alert: They are not nearly as green as you have been led to believe.

This is such a good book that I am sorry to tell you that you really should read the entire series in order before reading this one. This series builds on the prior books more than most. But the good part is that all of the books in this series are very good! Even if you think you do not care about Wyoming, game wardens, etc., I can guarantee you will love this series! (And there is another advantage to starting with book #1; by the time you finish all of the books, the next one should be out.)

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