I first met Dexter when I discovered the TV show on Netflix. I embarked on an epic marathon of the series, and when it came to an end, I was satisfied with my experience. So when I saw the series was originally books, I added them the my TBR pile (to-be-read for you non-nerds :P).

Here is a brief summary of what Darkly Dreaming Dexter made me think:

Gosh, does Dexter talk this much in the show? Why do I hate the characters that I loved in the show? WAIT they changed that?!?!

Ultimately, Dexter is a charming serial killer who lives and works in Miami. He has fake friends, a filler girlfriend, and a job that allows him to hunt his victims - other bad guys.

KC Rating: 4/5

The book left me disappointed after watching the show, but it wasn't BAD. Fans of true crime and crime fictions will enjoy the insight into Dexter's brain that Jeff Lindsay creates. It's an easier read with lots of self-reflection and dialogue. My fingers are crossed that the rest of the series will be better, or at least just not worse!

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