A very good read indeed. Commencing from Ahmed Shakir to Tom Miller to Eric Birman, it was full of suspense with a great finish. Alex Berenson has painted John Well’s profile perfectly. His features are just exemplary. As a goal driven person, he is street-smart and a survivor with outstanding stunts and talents. Usually surrounded by atrocity, be it intentional or unintentional, he takes responsibilities for his actions and displays empathy when he kills innocent people. Thence, from a psychological perspective, it makes one wonder whether he would be a victim for PTSD – posttraumatic stress disorder at some point in his life.

In terms of relationships, theorists have established that even the most stable relationships vary from day to day and over long periods of time (2006, p.223). This has been true in the case of Ellis Shafer and John Wells, as signs of disintegration became significant with Vinny Duto acting as the catalyst. Nevertheless, the tentative fragmentation created optimism. Shafer-Wells pairing should remain intact. The men to men interactions are pleasing to read, direct and honest. Julie Tarnes is prompt and excels at what she does, but Ellis is just as great. Berenson has also created a perfect character for Shafer’s wife, Rachel. She is fun loving and her interactions with her husband are entertaining to read.

Alternatively, Well’s relationship with his girlfriend, Anne seem somewhat inconspicuous. Affection is apparent from his perspective only. By proposing marriage twice, he has substantiated his need for a permanent relationship. Yet, her reaction/responses are consistent with cognitive dissonance. She is not only too cool headed, but she downplays his affection for her. With two pregnancies and three miscarriages, it is inequitable to fault ones partner for not giving his heart. Shouldn’t love be unconditional? If Wells’ goal driven personality is an impediment, then her reasoning does not seem to be compelling because women marry flight attendants, military crew, navy personnel and police officers too.

Adler, R.B., Rosenfeld, L.B., Proctor II, R.F., and Winder, C. (2006). Communication and relational dynamics. Interplay The process of interpersonal communication. (Canadian Ed.). Chapter 8. p.223

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