The prologue provides the perfect synapses of the life of Joanna Brady. For those new to the series, the background presented catches you up. For those who are long-time fans (this is book # 18) it highlights the ups and downs of Joanna's life both personally & professionally leaving you cheering her on as Eleanor Sage Dixon arrives on election night.

Joanna is on maternity leave and Butch is on a book tour when a dump site of bones and a recently deceased body is found. Being home with her children gives Joanna a chance to read old journals and keep up with the laundry. Deputy Chief Tom Hadlock needs Joanna's help.

The plot is darker than previous crimes when "the Boss" is keeping women captive in his basement dungeon.

This book even includes a recipe for Sunday Meatloaf.

You can read this as a stand alone but plan to go back and read the previous books to get the most pleasure our of the characters.

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