Map of the soul
Map of the soul persona By BTS (Musical group) Music CD - 2019 | Korean

This album is their sixth mini album that was released on April 12, 2019. With seven tracks on this album, here are some songs I highly recommended. The first song I recommend is called “Dionysus” which is one of their rap rock songs. It is a song that has heavy drums and guitar that is a part of the melody, it is also a very upbeat song where all the members get a chance to rap in the song. The choreography for this song is also a fun watch as the song is named after a Greek god, so the outfits as well as the dance is something to watch. Another song on the album that I would recommend is the song “HOME”. It is a chill song where you can enjoy the vocal lines soothing singing. It’s a good listen whenever you're chilling your friends or alone at home. These are some songs on the album but the whole album is a great listen! 5/5
@minimonie of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Bts has always excite me whenever they have a comeback. But when I listened to the CD for the first time, I was really charmed by everything and definitely worth all the wait. Especially the intro where I get to hear RM's beautiful deep voice. Aside from the music, the album really follow the group's message for all of us to love ourselves. They really showcase the message through the lyrics, the outfits and through the album cover. This is a new era for Bts since after receiving their Billboard award back in 2017 where they get to be even more expose to the music industry. Additionally, I am not the type that is able to pick a favourite song, especially when it comes to Bts albums. But the one song that really catches my attention every time I listen or hear it is "HOME". This song just makes me want to dance but cry at the same time because the lyrics genuinely means that ARMYs are Bts' home. I would recommend this album to everyone especially those struggling to find their worth. This album will help you to finally be able to express yourselves and love yourselves like how Bts loves ARMYs. 5 out of 5
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I give this album a four out of five. first there's the intro persona, which is an amazing rapped by RM, although it isn't my favourite song by him I would rather moonchild. Next is Boy With Luv, I find that when bts comes out with a song it is very overplayed and that's whats happened to this song, and I am very upset about that. if Boy with Luv wasn't overplayed it would have been a really good song. Mikrokosmos, and Make it right, it's an amazing song and I love te song for what they are. Home I can listen to this song on replay every day all day, it just gets me ready of r everything and makes me just wanna dance and I love it. Jamais vu ok so at first I was in love with the song because it was slow and I loved it, and then I listened to it with English subtitles, and I cried my eyes out. It is so sad but still love it. The last song of the album is Dionysus, I am obsessed with this song and it is a bop, it makes me just want to headbang, this and Home are my favourites of this album.
@Icecream of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

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