The Weight of A Mustard Seed
The Weight of A Mustard Seed The Intimate Life of An Iraqi Family During Thirty Years of Tyranny By Steavenson, Wendell Book - 2009

An interesting read overall but not really a well written or engaging book. The subject matter interested me but I was disappointed in the lack of depth and many of the characters aren't fleshed out. And yet they should be since the author concentrates on one family for the most part!

There are many fine books about Iraq but few had the opportunity to tell the story from the point of view of a major military hero who was one of Saddam's favourites. I felt that the writing didn't serve the story well. It could have been a great book and it's merely "OK"

A definitive account "from the inside" has yet to be written on the subject of Saddam's Iraq or at least one relatively free of cant and/or propagandized accounts of Hussein's evil..which often snip out the massive Western involvement in his brutal rule.

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