This is a 2005 geopolitical thriller written and directed by Stephen Gaghan.
Gaghan's screenplay is loosely adapted from Robert Baer's memoir "See No Evil."
The film focuses on petroleum politics and the global influence of the oil industry, whose political, economic, legal, and social effects are experienced by a Central Intelligence Agency operative (George Clooney), an energy analyst (Matt Damon), a Washington, D.C., attorney (Jeffrey Wright), and a young unemployed Pakistani migrant worker (Mazhar Munir) in an Arab state in the Persian Gulf.
Although it tackles a challenging theme, numerous stories confuse me.
It was almost impossible to follow the plot.
I was lost without a clear understanding of what precisely is going on.
The film is indeed confucing simply because multiple and parallel storylines frequently jump from one location to another among Texas, Washington D.C., Switzerland, Spain, and the Middle East.

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