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IndyPL_CarriG rated a title Nov 23 2020
IndyPL_CarriG made a comment Nov 23 2020
"A bit punk, a bit magical realism, and a lot of love of mystery with a side of nihilism - I found this a delightful read and I immediately checked out the next book in the series. If you only read mystery novels, this isn't likely to be the myster..." Permalink
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Nov 19 2020
"For fans of casual science reads by authors like Mary Roach. This one gets a bit more technical by naming specific genes and the like, but the humor makes sure you won't get bogged down. Also, it's hecka fascinating!" Permalink
IndyPL_CarriG liked a list Nov 05 2020
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Stories to hold you over until Cyberpunk 2077 pt. 1: proto punk

"Are you upset with the delays to the cyberpunk 2077 video game? Why don't you jack in to the intense processing power of the biological wetware that is your mind and dive into these early stories that inspired the look and feel that set the templ..."
IndyPL_CarriG made a comment Nov 05 2020
"A fun and fast-paced mystery novel set up to be the first in a series with an over-arching mystery. IQ is a young man who lost all his family at an early age. His grief and intellect led him to a life of crime for a short time, until he saw the da..." Permalink
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