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superglu2 made a comment May 28 2018
"A very good discussion of statistics and probability. This is a fairly technical book, which is a bit dense in part even though it is written for a general audience. Silver talks about the math behind predictions from politics to finance to weat..." Permalink
superglu2 made a comment Apr 30 2018
"Based on Bob Joseph's 2015 blog post that went viral" Permalink
superglu2 made a comment Apr 23 2018
"If you enjoyed the movie, but never read the book you really should give it a try." Permalink
superglu2 made a comment Apr 16 2018
Robots Vs Fairies
Book - 2017
"A no holds barred throw-down between magic and technology. Authors supporting either side face off with stories demonstrating why their team is surely destined to rule the world. What's not to love?" Permalink
superglu2 added a title to their For later shelf Apr 10 2018
Written by "A storyteller who could teach Scheherazade a thing or two" ("The New York Times"), "King Hereafter" is set in the wild, half-pagan country of 11th-century Scotland. Dunnett's hero is an ungainly young earl with a lowering brow and a...
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