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May 09 2018
"Incredible! It's definitely should be on the Required Reading list for students studying History and anyone even remotely interested in how the world has changed during the 20th Century." Permalink
JENNIFERES made a comment May 09 2018
"Enjoyed this book; learned more about Argentina (Patagonia), Nazis after WW II, etc." Permalink
JENNIFERES made a comment Apr 21 2018
"An enjoyable light read for those interested in learning from other food enthusiasts. In some of the texts, the font was a little small. It was fun to try some of the recipes, too." Permalink
JENNIFERES made a comment Mar 01 2018
"While I am not quite ready for retirement, I picked this book and read it. The book has some really good points. The information, tables, etc., could even be used for earlier times in life. I do plan on picking this book up again in the future ..." Permalink
JENNIFERES added a title to their Completed shelf Jun 23 2016
"Anger, like fear, is a powerful survival tool that has evolved over countless millennia. But when we allow anger to rule our day-to-day lives, it undermines our health, alienates loved ones, and ruins our chances for a happy, healthy life....
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