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PimaLib_Kids rated a title Jan 17 2019
PimaLib_Kids made a comment Jan 17 2019
"My favorite part was when Lani game Cruz something that is Cruz-proof. - Sophia, age 11" Permalink
PimaLib_Kids created a list Dec 21 2018
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Top 25 Kids Books Checked Out in 2018
"Who knew Diary of a Wimpy Kid was this popular?"
PimaLib_Kids made a comment Jun 20 2018
"My favorite part of the book was the whole BOOK. I would suggest that other people read this fantastic book because it engaged my imagination. I rated it a 5-star book. - Katya, age 9 The book had a lot of cation. I would recommend it to every..." Permalink
PimaLib_Kids made a comment May 03 2018
"It is a very good book because a dog has a family but a calf comes along and gets all the attention. At the end he gets the same love back again! - Sophia, age 8" Permalink
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