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dcoelho19 added a title to their For later shelf Jul 15 2018
Trailer Parks. Rednecks with Ambition. Media Coverage. Murder. Moonshine. Bootlegging. Conspiracy Theories. Rasslin’ Moves. Hot Rods. Duct Tape. Mullets and Monster Trucks. Homemade Vehicles. Mazes. Escape Tunnels. Safe Rooms. Pistols and Pursuing...
dcoelho19 added a title to their For later shelf Jun 22 2018
NATIONAL BESTSELLER Now a major motion picture starring Paul Rudd "A delightful book that recounts one of the strangest episodes in the history of espionage. . . . . Relentlessly entertaining."-- The New York Times Book Review Moe Berg is the...
dcoelho19 made a comment Jan 01 2018
"Entertaining book that I enjoyed reading. It was not his usual type story but I still licked it." Permalink
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Nov 13 2017
"Very disappointed in this book. I had expected so much more from Dan Brown. I loved his other books. This book however was a different mattrr. Architectural descriptions went on and on. They were interesting to a point but then started to get ver..." Permalink
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