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esheehy made a comment Oct 21 2018
"Strains credulity on every page, nothing rings authentic or original. Reads more like a screenplay for a Jason Bourne movie rip-off. Author throws every action movie cliché in the book at you. Outnumbered and outgunned, the hero kills off Iranian ..." Permalink
esheehy made a comment Aug 09 2018
"The Outsider is the first Stephen King novel that I have read. Therefore, I do not know if it is one of his best or not. It certainly did not inspire me to run out and gobble up any of his other books. I was intrigued by the premise of a crime thr..." Permalink
esheehy made a comment Jul 26 2018
"An interesting premise quickly devolves into a series of ludicrous and improbable chase scenes. The author throws in some pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo about DNA that will make your eyes glaze over. Some gratuitous sadomasochistic sex scenes are a..." Permalink
esheehy made a comment Jul 10 2018
"The story starts out strong and drew me in, but the deeper the cavers go, the deeper the BS the author throws in, in what eventually amounts to a lot of psycho-babble gibberish that isn't really needed to heightened the tension or resolve the dile..." Permalink
esheehy liked a comment by
Jun 28 2018
"I think I would rather read the back of a cereal box than this peace of work; at least then I would eventually get a prize at the bottom of the box. I am still struggling with finishing the book; given to me by a friend who had bought and gave up..." Permalink
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