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Beyond Bestsellers: Up Lit for Book Clubs

"Is your book club looking for something more uplifting? Look no further! Sno-Isle carries all of these titles as book discussion kits. Check out the link at the bottom of this list to browse titles and learn more about reserving a kit."
Chickwheat made a comment Aug 04 2018
"Disclaimer: I’m only half-way through, but I am hooked! Great story, characters I want to know, and multiple layers. Alternative history world is well developed but author isn’t so infatuated with his world-building that he abandons the charact..." Permalink
Chickwheat rated a title Aug 04 2018
Chickwheat made a comment Jan 29 2018
"A good blend of likeable characters & “what will happen next?” I hope readers of all ages find this book - I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope Ms. Jones has a long, productive writing career!" Permalink
Chickwheat rated a title Jan 29 2018
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