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IanDalziel added a title to their In progress shelf Mar 12 2019

The Best American Comics 2018

Graphic Novel - 2018
""I love comics. Comics is (Comics ARE?) a perfect language, robustly evolving and expanding like any other living language," writes Phoebe Gloeckner in her Introduction to The Best American Comics 2018. This year's collection includes work...
IanDalziel made a comment Sep 12 2016
"A fine book - also great to see to that several Flying Nun bands made it on to some of the eerily familiar mix tape selections: The Bats ('Sir Queen' from Daddy's Highway); The Verlaines (Death and the Maiden); The Chills (Part Past, Part fictio..." Permalink
IanDalziel made a comment May 18 2016
"While this is a rare glimpse into the mainstream music scene in Chchch 1968 - 1980, and a fascinating panoply of tonsorial and facial hair styles - not to mention hard evidence of the massive denim oversupply of the time. It is a shame that one ..." Permalink
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